TD Waterhouse deceive their clients?




而我的股票行說在2017年8月15日上午9點35分替我以$2.37買入PTI,但我上 NASDAQ 網站查看,在這段時間裏並没有這個交易。


Today I placed two trades on PTI ( Nasdaq market ).

I placed to buy 5,000 shares PTI at $ 2.37 per share

After I placed the buy order , the market came down.

I checked Nasdaq web site and shown that today's high of PTI was $ 2.36 and only traded 100 shares and then came down to $2.27.

When I checked my order status, it did surprise me.

It shown that TD Waterhouse brought 5,000 shares of PTI at $ 2.37 per shares at 9:35AM for me.

I checked Nasdaq web site .

Around 9:30AM to 9:40AM . There was not trade 5,000 shares at $ 2.37. The closest two trade were 9:33:03AM 300 shares at $ 2.35 and 9:34:21AM 100 shares at $ 2.36. The rest trade were $ 2.27 , $ 2.22 and $ 2.21

So that means they brought at lower price and sold high to me to make quick profit of $500 and more.

Is it a honest trade?

I went to TD Waterhouse ( 5991 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC ) and talked to their receptionist. She passed my message to their headquarters and said they will contact me within one month.

How do you feel? Are they honest?