Hope, British Columbia, Canada


 Hope, BC, Canada


From vancouver east to take a highway 1, and then into the cocohala highway, one and a half hours to enter the area of hope town.

希望鎮雖小,可是集中了好多加國西部的精華。比如,Fraser Valley, Fraser River,Harrison Lake等等。都是當年印第安人的聚居地,三文魚產地,紅松產地,還有廣大的牧場區。

Hope is small, but concentrated a lot of Canada's western essence. For example, Fraser Valley, Fraser River, Harrison Lake and so on. Are the settlements of the Indians, salmon origin, red pine origin, there are vast ranch area.

奧斯樂隧道是為史泰龍大叔之成名作:第一滴血的主場景。就是被警長逼的躲進深山那段。而希望鎮也因此而為西部人所熟知。據說當年攝製組在此駐紮了半年, 使勁刺激了下這個當年(1985)不到5000人的小鎮。可見好萊塢電影之影響力。雖然史泰龍估計很多小年輕已經不認識了,不過人家最近還弄了部“敢死隊”出來發揮餘熱呢咩?也不知票房如何。 現在的希望鎮常駐人口已達1萬五千人,夏季時來此穿梭的遊客更會衝到200萬。

Othello tunnels is for the statue of Stallone: the first blood of the main scene. Is the police long to hide into the mountains that period. And hope that the town is also known for the West. It is said that the crew was stationed in this year for six months, hard to stimulate the next year (1985) less than 5,000 people in the town. We can see the influence of Hollywood movies. Although Stallone estimated that many young people do not know, but people recently got the "death squads" out to play the waste heat ? I do not know how the box office. Now hope that the resident population has reached 15,000 people, the summer when the shuttle visitors will rush to 2 million.

Hope, British Columbia, Canada