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After ten years in stock market, I have some experience to share with everyone.


You buy penny stock is called " Speculate ".

You buy blue chip stock is called " Invest ".

"Nothing fiscal emergency door , marathon winning investment law."

I show you simple way to look into stockcharts and pick the uptrend stock. And just concentrate few stocks, your stock list usually smaller than ten stocks. My stock list is: Facebook(FB), Mastercard(MA), Visa(V), Apple Inc.(AAPL), Illumina Inc.(Ilmn), Lululemon Athletica Inc.(LULU)and NIKE, Inc.(NKE).

Here show you how to use chart to sport the uptrend stock.

(1) First go to stockcharts web site.

Enter your stocksymbol.

(2) Go to the third overlays, use the pull down menu and choose Bollinger Bands.

(3) Go to the first Indicators, use the pull down menu and choose Commodity Channel Index(CCI).

(4) Go to the third Indicators, use the pull down menu and choose Vortex Indicators.

(1) When Commodity Channel Index(CCI) is above -100.

(2) When MACD crossovers : bullish line(black) over bearish line(red).

(3) When Vortex Indicator crossovers: bullish line(green) on top of bearish line(red).

When this three conditions occure, this stock is in bull(uptrend).

My Pick

My recent pick

2017 October 06 Buy MA    2017 October 06 Buy FB    2017 October 06 Buy Visa

2017 August 15 FB sold    2017 August 02 ILMN    

2016 June 30 AAPL    2016 June 30 ILMN    2016 June 09 Pick    2016 June 02 Pick     2016 May 25 SOLD    2016 May 25 SOLD ilmn